Nona Wilson is our Nursery Director and has 40 years experience working and serving in nursery and children's departments. 

We have three (3) dedicated workers in our nursery: Nona Wilson (nursery director), Ashley Dumont (nursery assistant/volunteer) and Eden Alderman (nursery assistant/volunteer). 

The nursery is a safe, fun and interactive place for your little ones. We have snacks, lessons, toys, books, movies, crafts and more to keep your children learning and interacting! Two (2) cribs and changing tables are provided and available for the children as well! 

Our goal is for your children to have the best experience as they possibly can! They will definitely feel loved and cared for in our nursery. We want you as parents to feel confident in bringing your little ones to us as we watch over them and prepare them for the next stage of learning!

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